A Fun Trip to the Casino

What started out as a small outing turned into something a whole lot bigger. A small group of us decided to go to the casino. When others found out about it though, they asked if they could join in. Five of us were in the original group, but there were almost 30 by the time we totaled everyone up. We decided to look into party buses rental in Toronto to see if it would be affordable for us to rent one to take us there. We figured if we were going to spend our money on slot machines, we could at least spend some of it beforehand on a nice ride to the casino.

I volunteered to look up the information. I went to the website and looked at the different buses that would fit our group size.

Backpacking Trips Tips

backpacking-travelIf you are planning a long backpacking trip in Europe, South America, or elsewhere, you have probably started to think about what to pack. Usually, backpacking trips involve a lot of travel by bus, train, or even hitchhiking, and getting from one place to another can often mean getting as close as possible and then walking the rest of the way. The reason for this is that backpackers are traveling on a budget and usually don’t want to rent a car or hire a taxi to take them everywhere they need to go. Traveling on a budget means packing light, and when preparing for a backpacking trip this can be one of the most challenging tasks.

Half the Clothes, Twice the Money

A handy rule of thumb for all types of travel is to bring half as many clothes as you think you need and twice as much money as you think you need. Unless you have a natural talent for packing light and being thrifty, it is probably a good idea to follow this advice. For almost all backpackers, from beginners to seasoned veterans, money is the first thing that runs out and excess clothing ends up being a burden. You can wash clothes on the road, whether in laundry facilities, bathroom sinks, or a local (clean) creek, but it’s much more difficult to come by extra money in a pinch.

Empty Space

Once you’ve cut the clothes you plan to pack in half, you will probably notice that you have a little bit of extra room in your backpack. Although it might be tempting to fill your pack to the gills before you leave for your trip, consider leaving a little bit of empty space. There are two reasons that this is a good idea. First, as you travel, you are likely to pick up a few new things. Even if you are not the sort of person who collects souvenirs, you may be given gifts by fellow travelers, you may acquire new books to read on the road, and you may realize that you’ve forgotten to pack something crucial and choose to acquire it as you go. If you find that you already have enough space in your backpack for these new acquisitions, you will thank yourself.

Packing in a Hurry

The second reason to leave a little extra room in your pack is that, on the road, you often don’t have time or energy to keep unpacking and repacking in the most efficient possible way. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried several different packing configurations already, just out of excitement for your trip. Although it’s good to work packing strategies out in advance, there will surely be some days when you just want to throw everything in the pack haphazardly and hit the road. Having a little bit of extra space in your backpack will give you the flexibility to repack in a hurry if you need to.

Odds and Ends

Every seasoned traveler has a certain number of things they think are indispensable for backpacking trips. The only way to discover what your unique must-have items are is to travel yourself and find out what you keep needing or wanting over and over again. If you are new to backpacking, you will probably hear some packing suggestions that don’t make any sense at all to you. It’s okay if you don’t see why 30 rubber bands could come in handy on the road, but don’t shun all these suggestions automatically. Consider packing some things you wouldn’t have thought of on your own, and you may be surprised at what you end up using. If you don’t find a use for them, you can always get rid of them later.

In addition to lots of rubber bands (useful for everything!), here are some suggestions for useful, multi-purpose items that you can pack without wasting too much space: plastic bags of various sizes, a padlock (this is a must if you plan to stay in hostels), a deck of playing cards, a sewing kit, a knife, a travel towel, a small flashlight, and a small pad of notepaper. Other backpacking and travel websites can be consulted for more comprehensive lists of suggestions, but with these items in your pack, there is not much you won’t be able to handle!

Top Ten Safe Travel Tips

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and interesting things we can do, but with traveling comes some risks. We all know that it’s not always safe to travel and that some of the things associated with it, such as money and hotel stays bring with them some additional risks as well. There are some top ten safe travel tips that you can use to make your travels more safe and enjoyable.

Everyone should take the time to learn the top ten safe travel tips for those who are traveling summer or winter.

  1. Keep your self and your children seat belted at all times when the car is moving. Keep your young children or toddlers safely secured in a rear facing car seat. The reason this is a top ten safe travel tip is obvious. The kids are our number one concern when it comes to traveling.
  2. Keep your cash stashed out of sight. When you stop don’t display large amounts of cash and don’t flash it in a store. When you can use travelers checks as opposed to carrying large amounts of strictly cash. When you do carry cash, keep some in the car, some on you and some on your spouse so that your trip is not dependent upon just one person. One of the top ten safe travel tips that can keep your trip safe if one of you is injured, or your car is stolen, is this one.
  3. Keep a first aid kit in your car at all times.
  4. Don’t visit an ATM machine at night or when alone.
  5. If traveling with children, keep things to occupy them so that you can keep your attention focused on the driving, where your attention should be. This top ten safe travel tip is one of the most important.
  6. Be aware of how is around you at all times. Make sure that you are paying attention to where you children are, and where others are located in relation to them and to you.
  7. Keep your luggage or pda/palm pilot close to you. Don’t permit strangers to come near your luggage or ask them to watch it while you enter a restroom or other areas where you are not able to see the things you will be carrying onto an airline or train/automobile. Paying close attention to this one of the top ten safe travel tips will assure that you not only keep yourself and your family safe, but also others who will be traveling with you if you are using mass transportation.
  8. Keep your regular medication handy and on your person as opposed to packaged all separate from you.
  9. Don’t carry your most valued jewelry or your most expensive coat with you on vacation. Its in open invitation.
  10. Don’t take your children with you or travel to parts of the country where advisories have been issued. If it is truly a vacation, then why put yourself into a position to be in danger.

Tips to Choose Travel Destinations

A holiday refreshes your mind and also loads you with memories that would help you to carry on with your job. The resultant effect of holiday on your mind, is in direct proportion to the pleasant experiences you undergo during your holiday.


The happiness of a person depends on what his heart feels rather than what his eye sees, while selecting a travel destination, give a thought to what you like to do and how perfectly the destination matches your requirements. There are places which are frequented by people for their inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, spiritual sanctity, historical significance, natural and built beauty and those offering leisure, adventure and amusement.


Once you shortlist your destinations,you need to decide when you are going on a holiday and check out for the availability of tickets and the early bird offers available. If the destination of your choice is International you need to find the formalities regarding the visa for the destination. Some countries provide visa at the point of entry while others require applications for visas prior to the date of travel and there is also a time frame for its validity.


From the places you have shortlisted and obtained information regarding tickets and visas, group the ones that is within your budget,that is little more than you expect to spend,but could be managed and those way beyond your budget. Categorising the destinations as must see and like to see, will give you an idea.


Check, if the destination you have chosen, the climate or season prevailing at the time of your visit and the activities you will be doing there are in line with your health condition. An asthma patient cannot dream of an early morning walk in a hillstation. It would be wise to check with the centre for disease website CDC to see, if there is any epidemic in the destination you wish to go and take necessary vaccines, which may be a single dose or 2-3 doses spread over a few months.


The destination tends to vary depending on the length of stay. An ideal holiday would be one with moderate level of travelling and activity and enough time to rest. If you pack in too much of activity and places to visit in a short holiday, it creates stress.


If you plan to travel with your family, ensure that there are places of interest for your children in the chosen destination.

Choosing an ideal tourist destination and proper planning helps to avoid stress and gives you an idea of what you can expect at the chosen destination. Conversely, you might also enjoy a fabulous holiday without such meticulous planning. Either way, if the place of your choice helps you to tide over the stress you have undergone and unwind,that is bliss!

Learn Chinese before your crazzy trip in Shanghai 

Travelers in China as a rule speak Chinese for three things: being agreeable, purchasing something, and asking headings. So here are 10 fundamental expressions that will permit you do these basic things. Documentation: Next to the English expression or word is the official Chinese articulation documentation (called pinyin) for in the event that you need to have a go at articulating the tones. See our Pinyin Guide to find out about articulating Chinese. A more natural phonetic portrayal takes after, so that without learning pinyin you can generally make the required sounds, and ideally be caught on. At last the Chinese characters are given for culmination. Chinese: Nǐ hǎo mama? (Nee-haoww-mah?) 你好吗 Wèi (/way/喂), generally utilized on the ‘telephone, is the nearest Chinese to “hi” or “greetings ” Nowadays most Chinese speakers know the English word “hi” and might utilize it notwithstanding when meeting Chinese individuals. It has turned into an English loanword in the Chinese dialect, composed 哈啰, and articulated hāluo (haa-lwor), so it might sound odd when Chinese-speakers attempt to state “hi”. “Nǐ hǎo mama?” actually signifies “You great?” (nǐ = you, hǎo = great, mama = ?). Like “How are you?”, it can signify “Would you say you are alright?”
“Nǐhǎo” is said every now and again. It may signify “Nǐ hǎo mama?”, however it commonly implies something like ‘It’s you — great.” or “Pleasant to see you.” It’s the most fundamental and standard Chinese welcome. Chinese: Hǎobùhǎo? (haoww-boo-haoww) 好不好 Hǎo signifies ‘great’. Hǎo additionally signifies “alright”.
Bùhǎo signifies ‘not great’. (“Bu” signifies “no” or ‘not’.) Chinese speakers utilize “hǎo” and “buhao” to state something is great or terrible, and to flag understanding or contradiction.
Consolidating “hǎo” and “bùhǎo” gives “Hǎobùhǎo?”, which is a question. It signifies ‘Great or not great?’ or ‘Is it alright?’ After this or “Nǐ hǎo mama?” you can answer “hǎo” or “bùhǎo”. This expression can be utilized both to apologize and to request redundancy. It actually signifies “I didn’t start effectively.” or “You’re correct, that isn’t upright.” Here is a decent approach to both demonstrate your enthusiasm for a thing and to take in a considerable measure of new words. The three essential words are: Zhè (this), shì (is), and shénme (what). Consolidated with directing, “Zhè shì shénme?” can be utilized toward discover what things are called. Shì (all types of the verb “to be”) is additionally used to signify “yes”, like “duì” and “hǎo”, and can likewise be consolidated with bù for “it’s not” (bùshì).

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When to Get a Fifth Wheel

With summer in full swing, now is the time to get an RV. Websites such as rvsofsac.com have a fantastic selection of RVs and Jayco fifth wheels on sale. If you’ve been thinking about getting a fifth wheel, here are several surefire signs one could be right for you:

  • You want more living space. Travel trailers are great but there isn’t always as much living space as you might need. This can be an issue, especially with a big family. Because fifth wheels hitch over the rear axle of a truck rather than at the rear bumper, you have a lot more space than you would with a travel trailer. The Jayco North Point with its dual opposing slides in the living area is a perfect example of how a fifth wheel can provide the space, comfort and luxury you is looking for.
  • You already own a truck. The great thing about having a truck and towing a fifth wheel is you can unhitch and drive the truck any time you need to once you’re at your campsite. However, before you purchase a fifth wheel, check your truck’s towing capacity to make sure you choose a fifth wheel your truck can safely tow. Don’t forget to include all your supplies and anything you’ll be taking along in your fifth wheel when calculating the fifth wheel’s weight.
  • You’re uncomfortable towing a trailer. Travel trailers don’t always handle well, and tend to sway and tail-wag. This can be nerve wracking, not to mention exhausting. On the other hand, fifth wheels are extremely stable and driving with one is reasonably easy. It’s the ideal option if you want a travel trailer but not the headache that comes with towing one.
  • You’re going to drive long distances. As previously mentioned, fifth wheels handle much better than travel trailers. Ease of handling and comfort while driving are important considerations if you’re going to be on the road for long periods of time.
  • You need more storage space. There’s no such thing as traveling light in any type of RV. Fifth wheels usually provide more storage space than the average travel trailer. Overhead storage, storage throughout the interior and exterior storage all combine to provide all the storage you need and then some.

Considering that today’s fifth wheels offer options such as rear entertainment floor plans and outdoor kitchens, there’s no reason not to check one out today.

Doing Vacations The Right Way

American Holidays: The Basic Facts Going on an American holiday is very exciting without a doubt, so if you really want to have fun then you cannot go wrong when it comes down to an American holidays. There is plenty of aspects to consider when you want to have an amazing American holiday, and one of these factors is ensuring that you can actually have a good plan. Having a plan is always a good idea if you want to have an awesome vacation, and the reason for this is so that you will actually know what you will want to do once you arrive and you will have some objectives to follow. It is important to always have a game plan before arriving to your location, so you will know the different kinds of things you can do while you are there. The more fun things you can find out about your destination, the better your vacation is going to be because you will know exactly what you will have to do. Some places will expect certain things from you, so when you are doing research make sure you take that into mind so you be able to respect the local people there while also having the time of your life. Because after all different places will have different cultures, so it is important that you can research the place you want to go when you are on your America holiday, so you will know what you will be getting yourself into. Another important thing to consider when you want to go on an American holiday is to talk to your doctor about refilling your prescriptions, so you will have your medicine while you are out traveling. So if you think you need some kind of medical coverage policy when you are on holiday, there is a lot of different types of things that you will want to keep into mind of then, so talk to your doctor and they will be able to help you out. Also you may want to have a discussion about vaccinations when you are talking to your doctor, because depending on the area you want to go to this can save you from some serious illnesses that you most definitely do not want to get infected with.
Short Course on Resources – What You Need To Know
So when you are going on an American holiday, there is a lot of things you will want to think about such as ensuring that the clothes you are packing will be good for the weather at your destination, because it will not help you to bring shorts and t-shorts when it is snowing there. Also pack the important things that you will need as well, like a laptop. So if you want to have an amazing American holiday, then you will want to come up with a good plan, so you will be good to go.A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Tips for Having the Good Online Booking for the Hotel in Bali

Resort-BaliAre you looking for the best hotel for your holiday? Do you love traveling? Why do you want to have the best holiday in your life? Well, everyone commonly love the time when they can explore themselves. They will love to have the new experience in their life and they will enjoy the new sensation in their life. Do you feel in that way too?

If you love to spend your time for holiday, you need to prepare for the next holiday. Time will be useless if you do not use it for exploring many new places around the world. There are many kinds of things that you can do in order to have such a beautiful and wonderful holiday. Then,you need to set first where you want to go for the next holiday. Do you have any dream where will be the next destination for your holiday? Let’s say we are going to Bali. Next, we will set for the online booking for the hotel. Have you chosen where you will stay in Bali? Never mind, you simply need to click for Mister Aladin and you can search hotel in Bali. There are many kinds of hotels that you can choose for your next holiday.

Here are some tips that you can do for having the good hotel for your staying while you are in Bali. First, determine first the budget that you want to use and you want to spend for your hotel. By setting the budget, you will really know what kind of hotel that you are going to choose. Second, you also need to see and compare from one type of hotel to another type of hotel. In Mister Aladin, you will be able to get the fast and complete list of the hotels that you want and you can choose while you are in Bali. What you need to do is only being selective in choosing the hotel. Make sure that you do not be careless in choosing the hotel since if you are careless, you will not get the proper hotel based on your need. Make sure that you really see the aspects such as the facilitation, the price, the location and still many more of the considerations. Have a wonderful holiday is not a difficult thing to do again now. You will have it now in your hand with the help of Mister Aladin.

Great Family Vacation Tips

Taking a vacation with the whole family creates memories that will last a lifetime. Planning is essential to having an enjoyable family vacation and it is important that there is something for everyone to do. Consider these family vacation ideas to ensure a trip that everyone will love.

Tropical vacations are the perfect vacation for everyone. There is so much to see and do besides just the joy of relaxing on the beach. Stay at a family resort where there are activities for all ages, and activities for the whole family to participate in together. A family resort is ideal as there are other families and children enjoying the beach and the resort itself. It is a great way to connect with each other and to meet new people. Family resorts are often all-inclusive making it easy to meet up for meals as a group or to have meals separate. The kids will not need to worry about finding mom and dad when they are hungry or thirsty.

Beachfront properties are the most appealing accommodations because they eliminate the need for transportation to and from the resort to the beach. Older kids can enjoy going to the beach without having to rely on parents for transportation. This makes the trip even more enjoyable when there are no worries of where and when to meet up, especially if everyone wants to do something they enjoy.

Most tropical destinations offer many types of activities for the whole family including: snorkeling, diving, fishing, renting jet skis and parasailing. These activities generally cost more and are not included in the resort charges, but are well worth the additional money. These kind of activities create memorable experiences that the adults and children will cherish forever.

Tropical vacation s give everyone a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather and beaches. A tropical climate seems to bring the whole family together, whether it be by breathtaking sightseeing or high flying parasailing. Family vacations create an experience for the family to reconnect with each other without the need for cell phones, text messages, and emails.

Some Family Vacation Tips for You

Your travel agent can save you so much time and money while relieving stress that you may want to invite him or her over for next Thanksgiving. We were going to book our family vacation online until we worked with your family travel specialist. Another idea for travel planning on the Web is to explore the local Web sites of the location you will visit. Family travel continues to grow as more and more parents, particularly those working full time, view vacations as a way to reunite the family, more than an occasion for rest and relaxation, said Peter Yesawich, chief executive of Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell, a travel marketing firm.


Many attractions have joined Walt Disney World, but it’s still the colossus, with four huge theme parks and an area the size of Boston, and probably ranks as “best family vacation spot” for millions. The world truly owes Walt Disney a debt of gratitude. There?s never been a better time for a Disney vacation. Or seek the timeless pleasures of The Buena Vista Palace Resort & Spa – a light-hearted luxury family resort in the heart of Downtown Disney Orlando. Travel with your family on a florida or disney vacation trip. And even places like Disney World have campgrounds. Walt Disney World has four value resorts, with rooms starting at $82 a night and packages from $1,600 for a family of four that include lodging for six nights and theme park tickets.

There are so many wonderful places you can go! Just make sure your family enjoys it.

How to Plan a Family Vacation and Please Everyone

Oh the challenges of planning a family vacation…especially for a big extended family! Mom wants a relaxing spa vacation, Grandpa prefers fishing, the boys all want to play golf and the little cousins are bundles of energy!

I seem to be the one that’s always “appointed” the family travel planner for our extended family group of 18! So…where do I begin to look for a destination to please everybody?

Here are a couple family vacation tips to help you plan your next family vacation!

Option #1: Take a vote!

  1. The first step is to have everyone agree on vacation dates and budget because it’s impossible to search for vacation ideas without these parameters.
    2. Ask for destination suggestions from family members.
    3. Using the dates & destination ideas, do lots of web-searches for vacation deals…this is my favorite part!
    4. Don’t present all the options, but instead narrow it down to choice A, B & C.
    5. When presenting the choices it will help if you list the pros & cons of each vacation choice.
    6. Majority rules!

Option #2: Take turns!

  1. Each family would agree on vacation dates & budget.
    2. The family that’s in charge that year would plan the entire vacation using the dates and budget that has been set. For example, when planning our big family vacation, I’m trying to please 5 different families! Wouldn’t it be nice to let a different family take charge every year?
    3. Being in charge includes EVERYTHING from activities to meals, so there won’t be any squabbles over what to do & where to eat!

Option #3: Host for the day! (a combination of option #1 & #2)

  1. The first step is to have everyone agree on vacation dates because it’s impossible to search for vacation ideas without these parameters.
    2. Ask for destination suggestions from family members.
    3. Using the dates & destination ideas, do lots of web-searches for vacation deals…this is my favorite part!
    4. Don’t present all the options, but instead narrow it down to choice A, B & C.
    5. When presenting the choices it will help if you list the pros & cons of each vacation choice.
    6. Majority rules!
    7. Now that the vacation is planned, let each family be in charge of 1 day from beginning to end! That family will plan both the activities & the meals! This is a great way to make sure that everyone gets to do what they want, and there won’t ever be a question of who’s in charge!

6 Tips for Planning a Great Family Vacation

Any great summer vacation starts with planning your travel destination. Make sure to talk with your entire family before you start booking at travel arrangements. People’s lives are busy and you would hate to book a hotel just to find out that someone in your family can’t make it.

Another great family vacation tip is to layout what family members should do in case of an emergency or if someone is separated from the family. Most vacationers take this for granted, but you should always be safe rather than sorry. This is especially important if you have small children in your family. Tell them what they should do if they get lost or designate a meeting spot to go to. When you are visiting large amusement parks or relaxing at a water park, it is very easy for a child to wander off and get lost.

When planning your family’s summer vacation make sure that everyone is well aware of what you will be doing while on vacation and for how long you will be traveling. This helps everyone plan out what they need to bring and how many changes of clothes and other items. Also, if you will be driving to your vacation spot you may want to suggest that everyone bring games or reading materials to help make the travel enjoyable.

While on the topic of traveling in a car, make plans ahead of time to make the drive more fun. For example, you could rent a car television and DVD player so everyone can watch movies while you are traveling. Make sure and pack movies that the entire family will enjoy because you do not want any fighting over what gets watched before you ever reach your vacation spot.

You should also encourage family members to pack other things that will entertain them. Suggest that they bring their PSP or iPod and that way there will be no fighting over what music everyone has to listen to. Also make sure to pack extra batteries and power cords for charging everyone’s devices. The last thing you want to do is head off for vacation and after 1 hour of traveling everyone’s PSP or iPod is out of juice.

If you are taking a long trip and have to travel for a large distance make sure everyone brings a pillow for comfort and to take naps. You may also want to pack snacks and beverages so you are not required to make a stop every time someone gets hungry or thirsty.

Taking a summer vacation with your family should be an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable experience. Following the tips outlined above will help ensure that your vacation is a fun trip for everyone.